Solidarity for Software & Technology

These are the first steps of a tech cooperative towards having a sustainable, democratic and fair working life

Time to Act

For this alternative collective structure that we can build together, we have adopted the principles of equality, horizontal hierarchy, collective functioning, consensus based decision making, fair revenue sharing, decentralization, cooperation and solidarity. In this model, all individuals in the collective will be defined as workers and owners.

Establishing the working order in any sector within a framework of these and similar other values may seem unrealistic to some, but examples all over the world that make those who read about say “I wish”, work and are not few. The change has already begun; international networks are being established!

Knowledge, labour, time … When we combine them with organization and solidarity, a new order will emerge. We believe that, if we are the producers, we should be making the decisions and sharing the profit.

Our Services

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Web Solutions

Do you really think it’s “just a website”? No way… For your company’s online identity, we set up responsive and easily manageable web sites that are compatible with all browsers. We just not only set them up, but design interactive and innovative user experiences too. As we design web applications with creative and modern interfaces to improve the quality and efficiency, we also integrate it with your existing systems.

Product Development

We love to pick up an idea and build products and services based on it. We build applications and infrastructures so your organization can digitalize. We build mobile apps  for your needs that work smoothly on iOS and Android platforms. We offer solutions in many fields to easen your operation processes, including stock/order management, pre-accounting and payment systems. We analyze your demands, and set up the best system that covers your needs.


How about asking an expert? We offer analysis and quality assurance services to improve your business operations. We design easy to monitor and measurable Agile methodologies for your software development lifecycle. We offer consulting for choosing the right technology for your project, in terms of costs and efficiency.

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