Towards the end of 2018, we came together as a group of IT specialists. We realized that the problems we talk about in daily conversations surrounding our working lives were similar (inefficient processes, undemocratic working environments, the precarious conditions surrounding us, unfair revenue distribution, etc.). We were aware that we needed a new approach instead of suggestions on how to improve working conditions and business engagements that we always talked about. We continued to hold meetings monthly.

We discussed many issues such as solidarity, sharing, different approaches to working and decision mechanisms. Over time, we thought that what we wanted and needed was only possible with a ‘new way of working’ outside and beyond the current established order. After laying the foundations, we started talking about how to organize. We looked into different existing cases that resembled our ideals. After considering principles of international cooperatives and examining other tech cooperatives in the world, we decided that the cooperative or collective working model, where principles like democratic workplaces and working partners were being implemented, would be the most suitable form of organization for us.

We are in the process of building this coop initiative as friends from different cities. We have been holding regular weekly remote meetings for a good amount of time since we first came together. Making use of our diverse experience from different backgrounds, we have been trying to build our own collective projects. On the other hand we are also considering new opportunities that match our abilities.

Our dream is to build a cooperative or collective working model, and to also show that  it is possible to build trust based relations emphasizing solidarity and cooperation in the IT sector through the formation of a strong network of organizations sharing expertise and experience. With the increase of the number of collectives specializing in areas like software, design, and systems that adopt this model, a much stronger and sustainable grassroots structure can be established. We also have plans to organize open meetings/workshops to promote cooperatives in the IT sector in Turkey and to share our know-how. We will be posting on our social media accounts, making announcements about these events.

Albatros Tech Cooperative Initiative is on the way!