Dear friends,

Before you start to wonder why Albatros is calling out to you, let us satisfy your curiosity: yes, as you guess, we went on a camping trip. On 14-15-16 October 2022, we went to Bolu/Abant, one of the selected corners of our country, and got our fill of tree, forest and water, just as in our previous, time-honored Albatros camps. We sat around the camp fire -we, as a cooperative, generally prefer to camp in the autumn-, we got each other laugh and sang songs, keeping in mind not to wake our baby friends up. We are so glad to have our baby Albatros members whose number recently increased from one to three, their presence empowers us…

The camp was very similar to our previous familiar ones, we both enjoyed the warmth of our friendship and had heated discussions; it rained, the sun came out, the birds flied over us. Everything was as it was supposed to be. But the best was to have it all “for free.” Just kidding, many thanks to our cooperative which we priorly nurtured with our labor. ☺  The most salient feature of this camp which distinguished it from the previous ones was the fact that our cooperative almost exclusively covered its budget. Yes, you have heard it correctly. Albatros Bilişim Kooperatifi, once a poor but proud cooperative initiative, has become mature -and generous- enough to take its members on a camping trip. Our cooperative which used to “pass the hat around” even for samples is still proud, but not as poor as before. In sum, we have once more proved to ourselves that it is not a vain initiative. Soon, we intend to prove it to kith and kin, as well. (edit: Which we showed – we launched on December 17, 2022!) The long and the short of it, this special treat we allowed ourselves to enjoy really made our day.

This camp is different than the others in yet another way, our friends. In our previous camps, we had hit the road under the name of Albatros Bilişim Kooperatifi Girişimi. In this camp, we headed to the forest as Albatros Bilişim Kooperatifi. Our careful readers must have perceived the difference right away, but allow us to underline the difference for the less careful minds: We are officially founded, dear friends, we are no longer an ‘initiative’. Those of you who recall the construction cooperatives of 90s can relax, we are officially founded, but we haven’t lost, and we will not lose, our amateur spirit.

Necmi and his dear wife Nurten who supported our cooperative from abroad were not with us, but we made mention of them a lot, hueing ‘let’s go abroad to visit them next time!’ 🙂 We hope to have many more meetings to cover the distances between us! Our new guests who have just arrived on the scene once more reminded us of the weight of the load we bear. Their presence made our meetings more solemn and sound, while the play hours were full of laughter.

We are now more ready for the new year. We know what to do, and how to do that, but we are not disturbed by racing new thoughts. We both grow up together and team up. Previously, we used to tell you that we needed some more time to achieve this or that goal. Now we have made the unknown knowable for us. We have faith in our ability to cope with the challenges that await us. Let’s polish off our address to the nation before it resembles the tirade of Yaşar Usta. All in all, that’s the final state of the things: Firstly, we finalized procedures to officially become a cooperative; secondly, we went on a camping trip; thirdly, we will be done once we make more production.

Note: If we create our own coin, know that things have gotten worse, do not buy.